Activities in Mongolia

Mongolia has diverse ecosystems such as the Gobi desert in the south, Snow-capped mountainous terrains in the western provinces, forests that meet Siberian taiga in the north, and wide steppes which seem endless in its central and eastern parts. All the parts offer various different and interesting natural sights, on top of the cultural sites such as cave paintings, monasteries and temples, “Ovoo” on top of hills and mountains, stones which has deer and horse carvings, and also in human shapes, some resembling local lord and a lady.

If a nomad herder family open their doors to you, would you join in for the authentic nomadic experience? You’ll get to taste their home made food, observe the household chores of producing traditional diary products, and maybe ride a horse and help herding the animals. It is wise to bring some thoughtful gifts in exchange for their hospitality.

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As Mongolia has vast landscape that feature different ecosystems, you can hike to snowy mountains, steep hills, rocky terrains, dead volcanoes, and even sand dunes reaching up to 800 meters in front of you. Also professional or semi-professional hikers arrange a trip to the “Altai Tavan Bogd” national park, to train and test themselves before heading Himalayas.

In Mongolia, horse riding is still the main form of transportation in rural areas. It is a delightful experience, exactly as the locals describe it, it lifts one’s energy and spirit. From hour long rides to day tours, up to whole country trek that take months, we are ready to arrange exactly what you need.

Kayaking, canoeing and rafting is possible in most of the rivers and lakes throughout Mongolian territory. Although, whitewater kayaking and rafting is possible only in few rivers. It is a great way to travel smoothly in the countryside while avoiding the ever bumpy road rides.

Fishing is possible in many rivers and lakes, and the reserve is quite well-known to experienced fishers. Among locals, fishing is not widely practiced, and in some ways, even forbidden. It is because of Mongolian culture of subjugating to nature. Big fish and water creatures are considered the spirit of that water body and is held sacred.

It is often the ”Taimen” the world’s largest salmonoid that age about 50 years and grow up to 45kg. Fishing permit is obtainable through our services, as it can be tricky to get it on one’s own.

Almost every destination in Mongolia provide brilliant photographic opportunities, thanks to the pleasant climate that allow clear blue sky in more than 250 days a year.

On top of the culturally significant places, National Park areas, and Natural Reserve areas are recommendable for the maximum opportunities to capture the best scenes in terms of nature, landscape, wildlife and people.

For cultural photo tour, a visit to Bayan-Ulgii province where the Kazakh ethnic group resides, and eastern provinces for Buryat ethnicity’s culture and lifestyle, Huvsgul  province for “Tsaatan” reindeer herder Tuvans, and the rest of the country for nomadic life of Khalkha ethnicity are recommended.

We are ready to arrange your interested photo safari tour, to enable you focus only on what is seen through your camera lens, and we are sure it will be unforgettable.

A nation’s culture is reflected in the traditional art in many ways. Lyrics of songs, dance moves, objects in paintings – all tell their stories about the ways of life and culture. Traditional music, dance and song concert performed by well known ensemble is a must see attraction for visitors interested in local culture. Also wall decoration paintings and carvings of temples and monasteries show the color, shape and texture of what people preferred and how they describe and esteem the object.