ElsenTasarkhai / Burd

ElsenTasarkhai – meaning ‘isolated sand’ is unique natural scenery where mass of sand lays in the middle of mountainous and fertile pastures of Burdsoum in Uvurkhangai province. It is located in 280 km west from Ulaanbaatar city, and 80 km east of Karakorum ancient capital ruins.

Visitors can see the beauties of Mongolian terrains all in one place when visiting the ElsenTasarkhai, as part of the Gobi landscape is found within the green steppes surrounded by forested mountains. This area is home to animals such as elk, wolves, deer and fox, and rare flora.

It is a convenient stopover destination for tours heading Karakorum, Erdenezuu, Naimannuur and other tours via Uvurkhangai province.