“Karakorum” ancient capital city ruins

Once been a capital of ancient Mongol empire under the rule ofChinggisKhaan’s son OgedeiKhaan (King Ogedei), the capital known as Karakorum (or QaraQorum; Kharakhorum;) was architectural and culturalwonder in its time. It was established in 1220-1221 by the decree of ChinggisKhaan, and in its development peak it is said to accommodate OgedeiKhaan’s “TumenAmgalant Palace”, and MonkhKhaan’sfive floored stupa.

Unfortunately, the city was permanently damaged by the attacks of local lords fighting for the throne after the fall of Great Mongol Empire.  The plain where the city located was left with bricks and stones scattered here and there, until they had been later picked up and used in the constructions of nearbyErdeneZuu monastery in 16th century.

Now only some of the building foundations remain visible, withmuch other lay underground yet to be excavated.Museum of Kharkhorinsoumpresents a small model of the cityto give visitors an idea.