“Khorgo” extinct volcano

Core of the Khorgo-TerkhiinTsagaan National Park, “Khorgo” extinct volcano called “KhorgynTogoo” (Khorgo crate) among locals, is located in the Tariatsoum of Arkhangai province.

The volcano was active around 9000 years ago, and it is considered to have been the last active volcano in Mongolian territory. When it exploded, its lava flown 100km to Tariatriver and Chuluut river banks in 20-30km width. The crater diameter is 200m and itsdepth is approximately 100m, with 50 degree descent.

Khorgo is rich in beautiful scenery of mountains, cliffs, rapid streams, rivers, lakes, extinct volcanoes, green forests and pastures, where the long haired yaks and horses pasture. This attractive landscape has high biological diversity. The mountain was protected from 1965, and the area is preserved as Khorgo National Park in 1994. Near the mountain there is a unique “stone gers”, which are solidified lava bubbles shaped like a traditional gers. There are approximately 33 extinct volcanoes near the Khorgo Mountain.