TerkhiinTsagaan Lake

Known as White Lake among tourists, TerkhiinTsagaan Lake is a fresh water lakejust 6km west from the Khorgo extinct volcano in Arkhangai province. The lake was formed as a result of volcanic eruption about 9000 years ago, where upper and lower Therkhiin rivers had been bordered by the Khorgo volcano’s burning lava.

In February, 2011, it was a featured get away location on CNN.com. On the destination, fishing, bird watching, and swimming activities are available as the lake supports plenty of fish including Pike, some rare birds and migratory waterfowls. There are many camps around during summer, where one can get a meal and comfortable accommodation, as well as a motorboat to travel on16km length, 6km width, 20m depth and 61.1 km2 square TerkhiinTsagaan Lake. The lake freezes during winter and melts completely around May.