The Taikhar Stone

Located in IkhTamirsoum of Arkhangai province, the Taikhar Stone is 18m high granite known for its unique shape and location in the middle of the flat river bank. The legend tells an interesting story of its presence.

The legend says, once upon a time lived strong man named Bukhbilegt, he was always pleased to see his people (in the neighborhood) going peacefullyhappy about their life. One day, a hole appeared in the middle of the grazing plain and a giant snake came out and swallowed animals and people whole. The people were in anguish and terror. Buhkbilegt saw this and thought of a way to stop this, and then as the snake was coming out of its hole, he grabbed a big stone near him and threw it in the direction of the monstrous creature. The stone landed on the head of the giant snake and concealed the hole. Thus, the terror in the area ceased and people could go on about their life peacefully again.

On the Taikhar stone there are around 150 symbols in Turk, Mongol, Uyghur, Tibet, Manchu and Chinese scripts that dates starting from VI-VII century. Many deer stones lay around the Taikhar stone, similar in appearance to those found in other places around Mongolia, but a few horse stonesaround it are considered to be very rare. The carved and erected stones usually have shape of human, some clearly represent king with his queen, and others are filled with scripts or decorated with figure of a deer and not very commonly, a horse.