Ugii Lake

Ogii lake popularity is in its rich reserve of fish, extremely rare nesting and visiting birds, and swimmable warm waters through summer months – that is not like most of the other lakes in the country. Aside from swimming, bird watching and fishing activities, domestic and international tourists visit OgiiLake for its beautiful surrounding nature sceneries.

The lake is located in Arkhangai province, with deepest point ofaround 15m and average depth of 6.6m, overall surface area is 25.7sq/km. On its west side, thelake flows KhogshinOrkhon River which later joins Orkhon river.

It is home to 14 types of fish, 27 types of aquatic plants and 48 types of floating creatures. During each spring, approximately 150 waterfowls visit the lake.Ice cover takes over the lake surface from November until May.