Chinggis Khaan Square

The central square of the city, formerly called Sukhbaatar Square is located in front of the Government Palace, where it is lined with statues of Chinggis Khaan, Khubilai Khaan and Ogodei Khaan facing the square.

The square is a place where national military parade and reception of visiting foreign political leaders takes place, as well as public celebration of New Year’s Eve adorned with ice sculptures, Children’s day on 1st of June, concerts during national Naadam festival, Deeltei Mongol (Mongolia in Deel) festival as part of Naadam, and other occasional concerts. Often in warm seasons one may see temporary exhibition tents or halls, and under some circumstances local citizens bring their protests to the square. This had been first practiced in 1990 where hundreds of people demonstrated and enforced the hunger strike aiming for Democratic Revolution, which then succeeded.

Apart from the Government Palace by the square, one can easily access Central Cultural Palace, National Museum of Mongolia, State Ballet and Opera House, Central Tower and Blue Sky modern skyscrapers, former Lenin Club building on its south, Mongolian Telecommunications Building and Central Post Office, headquarters of the Ulaanbaatar Bank, Golomt Bank, Mongolian Stock Exchange building and Ulaanbaatar City Administration buildings.