Museum of Ulaanbaatar

Whole history of the city, from the time it has been UndurGegeenZanabazar’s residential place up until today through two national political revolutions, the museum showcases authentic old maps, photographs, carvings and maquette to tell the story. Furthermore, the building itself is a heritage site that accommodated several important organizations in Mongolian History since it has been built in 1914.

Central Committee of Mongol Public Party, Government, and General staff during the Public Revolution of 1921, then after serving as a workplace of commander D.Sukhbaatar until 1930’s, it became the Embassy of Soviet Tuva State, and later “Museum of Commander D.Sukhbaatar”, also “Central Publishing House” in 1953, and at last Museum of Ulaanbaatar History in 1956 then changed its name three times.