Khar Zurhnii Huh Lake

Khar Zurhnii Huh Nuur translates into Black Heart’s Blue Lake, is located near the Tsenkher River in Tsenkher Mandal soum of Khentiy province. In 1189, Temuujin was enthroned as Chinggis Khaan (King Great as Ocean) by the Ikh Huraldai (Great Council) in the Huh Nuur by Khar Zurh Mountain.

On the anniversary of Chinggis Khaan’s 840th birthday, a statue was built on the lake shore and 38 wooden carvings of Mongolian great kings of his bloodline stands in half moon shape with English and Mongolian description panels in front of them. The lake area has high biodiversity. People visit to admire the natural landscape and soak in the fresh air, gaze at the crystal clear blue sky which at nights allows visitors to look at the stars all they want.