Bayanzag the Flaming Cliffs

Bayanzag (Rich Saxual) is one of the most beautiful places among the 33 Gobies of Mongolia where travelers can see pre-historical rock paintings, caves where monks have made meditations and ruins of ancient temples and villages. The area is most famous for yielding the first discovery of dinosaur eggs.

By looking at the red and orange colorsat its height around sunset, appearing like flames, American paleontologist Roy Andrew Chapman given the name “Flaming Cliffs” when he visited the area in 1920’s. Fruits of his 2 years search through Gobi desert include 10 kinds of dinosaurs of which 8 were only found from Mongolia. Asian wild ass, black tailed gazelle, and steppe wolf inhabit the area. Also extremely rare Gobi bear “Mazaalai” can be seen in this area.