Sainshand / Khamar Monastery

Sainshand – capital of Dornogobi province had become the main center for tourist accommodation heading Khamar Monastery (Khamaryn Khiid), which is growing to be one of the top destinations in the country for local travelers.

Khamar Monastery is founded by lama Danzanravjaa – whose epithet was “Dogshin Hutagt” (Procellous Saint), known for his arrogant temperament, love for women and alcoholic drinks, but more of his talent of poetry, prophecies, medicine treatises, his philosophy and knowledge about astrology.

The Monastery was first to open a public library, museum, primary school and theatre at that time. The public primary school taught Mongolian and Tibetan literacy, mathematics, natural science, and history. After his mysterious death in 1856, one of his disciples collected his manuscripts and relics, and buried them in mountains for safekeeping. He worked as a curator and it paid off well as that deed saved the invaluable works from Socialist purge.

Come visit the Khamariin Khiid to renew your energy and fix your aura, see locals pray, and sing the song “Ulemjiin Chanar” composed by Danzanravjaa, and before departing try – ger kitchen food. Also a visit to nearby mountain “Khanbayanzurkh” also called ‘Khusliin Khar Uul’ (Black Wish Mountain) by visitors, is worth a visit because Mongolians believe that the mountain grants a wish. Instructions are: men offer a spirit to Ovoo on top of the mountain, women offer milk to Ovoo on the way to the top, and write down three well-meaning wishes on paper and burn it in the designated incensory.